Living Witchery: Coven by Alexandra Tanet

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In 2021, Living Witchery: From Novice to High Priestess in a Contemporary Witch Coven was relaunched with a beautiful new cover, and renamed ‘Living Witchery: Coven’

Available in hard copy from Book Depository or Amazon and ebook via Amazon Kindle. 

More about the book…

A warts-and-all account of what it’s really like to be member of a witch coven.  Alexandra, a practitioner of witchcraft for over 30 years, describes the joys – and challenges – of belonging to group of witches.  Using a light-hearted yet informative approach, she explores key features of this dynamic spiritual practice including:

– Ritual celebrations
– Creating and maintaining a coven
– Initiation Degrees
– Women’s mysteries
– Divination and group practices

Join Alexandra on a magical journey as she recounts how it feels to join a coven, through to the culmination of becoming a High Priestess. Be inspired, amused and awed by the life of a modern-day witch.