A History of Druidry in Australia

Elkie White and Sandra Greenhalgh (Editors) are delighted to announce the publication  of A History of Druidry in Australia.

The book is available via Book Depository, Amazon and on Kindle ebook.

A limited number of signed copies are available on Etsy  

Key features of the book include: 
– Contributions from over thirty Australians who have a lived experience of contemporary Druidry.
– Personal  reflections on what it means to be following a Druidic spirituality while living in Australia. 
– Timelines of significant events in Australian Druidry, including Assemblies and SerpentStar.
– Information about Australian Druid groups and groves – past and present.
– Results from the Druid History Project, including key themes and shared beliefs of what it means to  be a modern day Druid.
-An exploration into the history of Fraternal Druid Lodges in Australia.

Forewords by: 
– Philip  Carr-Gomm, Chosen Chief of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids 
– Philip Shallcrass, a.k.a. Greywolf, chief of the British Druid Order 
– Rev. Jean (Drum) Pagano, ArchDruid, Ar nDraiocht Fein (ADF)

The book has 240 pages, and  is 6″ x 9″ in size.

 For further information, see A History of Druidry in Australia on Facebook.

Profits are returned to the Australian Druid community.